Wednesday, September 23, 2009

You Can't Make This Stuff Up!

Bejamin over at Jihad Watch found this amusing story from The Morningstarr (emphasis mine):

Arabs in Samaria have complained that attack snakes are being sent into the area from the Israeli city of Ariel, one woman has been bitten by one such snake.

The local Palestinians base this accusation on the fact that a woman nearby to Ariel was bitten by a snake which witnesses say then fled back towards the city. The Palestinians interpreted the snake's heading as a clear indication that the reptile was a trained assassin working for Mossad.

Israel National News reports that this isn't the first time Palestinians have made such bizarre allegations. Israel has also been accused of training attack pigs, unleashing a plague of super rats and also distributing bubblegum which "corrupts Muslim youths".

And some think these morons deserve a state...

Other bizarre (and hilarious) muslim beliefs:

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