Thursday, June 11, 2009

Freedom For Me, But Not For Thee

Remember the Muhammad cartoon riots a few years back? Freedom was roundly condemned by Muslims throughout the United Kingdom and around the world.

Islam thrives on hypocrisy. The Sharia law, for example, gives different punishments to Muslims than it does for non-Muslims. And as far as Muslim, Islam gives fewer rights to Muslim women than it does for Muslim men.

So, it shouldn't surprise anyone that this is the Islamic view of Kafir freedom:

However, when it comes to Muslims...

This is Islam. It denies basic human rights to a majority of mankind - non-Muslims and women - while giving male followers the most freedom and rights.

But then, hypocrisy pretty much defines the intolerant, bigoted cult of Islam.

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*Pictures: Cartoon protests in the U.K., 2006, and Guantanamo Bay, 2009

View the Muhammad cartoons that outraged Muslims more than Islamic terrorism:


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