Thursday, May 27, 2010

Youtube Suspends Islamic Expert For Exposing Truth

Youtube called it "Hate Speech." I call it "Dhimmitude."

Youtube has temporarily suspended the channel of my dear friend IQ al Rassooli. For those who haven't played his videos, IQ (aka AhmadsQuran3) presents short audio lessons about Islam, Muhammad, and the Quran. He quotes his sources, all of which are Islamic texts such as the Quran or the authentic Hadiths.

Since all his chapters use Islamic texts as their sources, it is IMPOSSIBLE for Muslims to dispute or disprove any of them. Instead, they resort to flagging campaigns to silence IQ.

Please contact Youtube and show your support for IQ's channel.

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Anonymous said...

As a recent friend & subscriber to IQ's channel (i.e. JehanneDeLys), I'm very impressed by his exceptionally scholarly work in exposing Islam. However, it must be noted that the Youtube warning specifically states that it was his TEXT COMMENTS, not his videos, which "have been identified as hate speech" and deleted from the site:

I'm not sure what he actually said in recent comments or replies that gave them the ammunition they were looking for, but I have seen other replies he's made (still posted) which did push the envelope. It would be a shame if he allowed Muslim trolls to provoke him with agitprop tactics enough to react with personal attacks which only play right into their hands.

I've found there are more effective ways to call such people on their ignorance without retaliatory attacks or name calling -- to politely expose their stupidity with simple facts &/or rhetorical/satirical questions.

Don't you think it should be a higher priority and greater personal satisfaction to keep his educational videos posted rather than counting coup on a few trolls (as much as I understand the temptation)?

If his videos were flagged or removed I would of course protest that in a second, but I have to tell you (having been a Moderator on an interactive poetry-writing site) that site policy violations regarding personally interactive behaviour are unlikely to be negotiable or influenced by any third party protest.

I can only advise playing it smart (as IQ obviously is) with necessary restraint in future, and let the videos be their own defense ;)