Monday, March 15, 2010

Afghan Real Estate

Caves with a view, wide open areas to play and scheme against the Great Satan, communal stoning pits, and, best of all, instant ammunition should a Joo move in next door!

Everything within a stones throw away!

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Always On Watch said...

Rugged terrain, huh?

No wonder Afghanistan has never been conquered by a ground war!

john99_s99 said...

If you are a Christian, the Christian definition is as follows:

A Christian is a person who loves, forgives (even enemy) and always is in peace unless fighting in his/her own soil for self defense.

An Anti-Christ is a person who does not love all humans, who does not forgive and who goes to war on other people's territories.

Don't be mad at this. I am just as a brother letting you know. Think about this and write me something intellectual, don't skip it with a joke cause that is not intellectual. I hope you think about it and know what you are told in the bible (Ofcourse if you are a Christian)...

From a brother