Friday, January 29, 2010

The Best Reason I've Heard For The U.S. To Get Out Of The Middle East

Nonie Darwish was asked by Frontpage Magazine: "What can Westerners do to help inflict cracks into the Islamic Curtain?"

The first thing is get out of the way when Islam is about to explode, and it will. Muslim countries need not be rescued and they need to fall on their own and grow on their own. Do not try to help or hurt if a civil war happens in Saudi Arabia or Egypt. If we cannot have oil for a while, then let it be. When we try to help a Muslim country from self -destruction, due to Muslim on Muslim atrocities, like what happened to Kuwait by Iraq, we take away their ability to recognize their internal issues, see their true enemies and why they are in trouble.

The West must realize that it is not doing itself or the Muslim world a favor by political correctness — which actually has a negative effect on Muslims trying to reform their system. Western PC is telling them we just love you the way you are, terrorism, hate speech, good and bad, we still love you. The West must demand reciprocity and equal treatment from Muslim countries. If they build mosques in the US then we must have the right to build a Church in Saudi Arabia and other Muslim countries. By accepting a one way cultural impact from Islam, we are welcoming a disaster waiting to happen.

Read the entire Frontpage Magazine interview with Nonie Darwish HERE.

(Hat Tip: Howie at The Jawa Report)

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Always On Watch said...

Nonie is so very brave. WC and I have interviewed her several times.